ABOUT  Lovely Lara

NASM - National Academy of Sports Medicine 
NASM - Weight Loss Specialist
NPC Bkini Compititor
2) 1st Place Win Bikini Masters
2) 2nd Place Win Bikini Masters
1) 4th Place Win Open Class Bikini 

My Thoughts on Training

Fitness and nutrition have to be lifestyles. You cannot workout for a week or two and expect results. You must continually strive to stay active and healthy each day of your life. You cannot expect fad diets to rid you of unwanted body fat. There are no quick fixes. You must make a conscious effort to eat healtheir, participate in a regular fitness workout program and make every effort to be the healthiest person you can be. There is always help out there but ultimately, its up to YOU to make the step to a healthier, happy body!