ABOUT Mazing Manny

NASM - National Academy of Sports Medicine  
NASM -  Nutrition Specialist
Over 100 Transformations in 2018 
NPC Mens Physique Compititor
6) 1st Place Win Mens Masters Mens Physique
1) 3rd Place Win Mens Novice Mens Physique
1) 2nd Place Win Mens Open Class Mens Physique 
1) 4th Place Win Mens Open Class Mens  Physique

My Thoughts on Training

Fitness training is not a luxuary and is not only meant for people that can afford to hire a personal or on-line coach. Fitness training and fitness goals are for everyone. The U.S. has a high number of obese people and people that are diagnosed with type2 diabetes due to obesity. So  yes we all need to live a healthier life style and exercise even if its just walking our fur babies..